Red Cross Memories: Chow Yin

My journey with the Singapore Red Cross started when I was studying in the university. We would often see notices about blood donation drives being held on campus and we would donate blood. I remember how impressed I was with the skills and knowledge of the volunteers involved.

It was when a course mate was diagnosed with Leukaemia that the need for blood hit closer to home. The council started a bone marrow donor's drive. That was how I started out volunteering with the Blood Donor Recruitment Programme. With each donor recruitment drive, we worked closely with Red Cross blood donation drives. Gradually, I became more active with volunteering with the Singapore Red Cross, especially in the area of first aid. The mission and vision of Singapore Red Cross resonated with me as they are well-aligned to my beliefs.

After joining the workforce, time became very precious, especially when my job entails working long hours. However, one thing is certain, I have received so much from society, it is time to give back. With that, my journey with the Singapore Red Cross continued and strengthened. Gradually, I became much more involved in Red Cross Youth, serving in the schools. I believe that is an area where my expertise could be useful. I am honoured and delighted to be part of the Red Cross family. Hopefully, I will be able to continue serving humanity until the end.