Red Cross Memories: Law Gie Hoy

The first time I donated blood, I had no idea what the blood was for. All I knew then was that after donating blood, I can get a half-day rest. In the army, we will grab any chance to get a rest. When the blood donation team came down, I made my first blood donation. The blood donation team came regularly, so I donated blood quite regularly. As I progressed in my army career, training and work commitments made it difficult for me to be present when the Bloodmobiles visited, so I started going to the Bloodbank (on weekends).

I have donated blood 237 times over 30 to 40 years, this included Apherisis donations which can be made every month. Blood is one thing that cannot be manufactured. The source is a human. If people don’t donate, people who need blood won’t get it. It is very satisfying to save lives. It doesn’t cost much. I’ve stopped donating blood for the past few years because they found a certain protein in my blood that has rendered my blood unsuitable for transfusions.

I have been volunteering at Bloodbank@Woodlands twice a week (for half a day) ever since it opened about two years ago. I teach new volunteers how to do pre-screening on health to ensure they know the procedures of the blood donation.