My Mother, My Happy Angel

In this Mother’s Day special, Red Cross News speaks to Chang Jin Tien, 9, whose mum Chong Aik Cheah, 40, is a bloodmobile organiser and volunteer with the Singapore Red Cross.

Tell us about your mum :)
My mum is my best friend, always. She is always a happy angel in my family. I’m blessed to have her as my mum.

So your mum donates blood...
Yes, she is a blood donor. She always tells me to do good things. She also tells me how blood donation can benefit others.

How do you feel about your mum's efforts?
I think it is so great to be involved in such meaningful acts. I will give my full support to my mum to be involved in the work of the Red Cross. When I grow up, I will do something meaningful in my life too, like donating blood.

What would you like to tell her this Mother's Day?
I love you, mummy. I will always take care of you in my life, no matter how old you are.

How are you celebrating Mother's Day?
I have been preparing a mother’s day card, all done on my own with my drawing and words which I want to express to my mum. I also asked my dad to buy a cake for my mum.