The Strength of the Human Spirit - A photo exhibition

On 11 March 2011, a 9.0-magnitude earthquake tore through Japan’s north-eastern coast (in the Tōhoku region), triggering a tsunami up to an estimated 40 metres high, which travelled up to 10 kilometres inland. The people of eastern Japan were left with their loved ones missing, homes destroyed and cities in rubble.

For a nation known for its preparedness, the clean-up proved a mammoth task. The affected areas had to be rebuilt from scratch, commencing with the clearing of debris and waste from the aftermath of the disaster.

Five years on, nearly all the debris and waste have been removed through the valiant efforts of the people of Japan as well as the generosity of the people around the world including Singapore. Yet, rebuilding efforts are still ongoing.

Singapore Red Cross (SRC) raised a total of S$35.7 million from the contributions of the Government and People of Singapore, which enabled emergency relief, early recovery and rebuilding of affected communities. Visit our commemorative exhibition to witness Japan’s resilience, and the impact of your donation. 

Exhibition dates

ION Orchard: 2 Mar - 6 Mar
Vivocity: 8 Mar - 13 Mar
Westgate: 15 Mar - 27 Mar
Star Vista: 1 - 3 Apr

What's going on

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Photo by Azmi Athni, Republic Polytechnic

Hear it from Red Cross

Join us for a series of mini-sharing sessions by Red Crossers about the work we do!

Venue Date Time Topic By
ION Orchard Basement 4 4 March     
5.30pm Humanitarian Fund Stewardship - Beyond a numbers game Benjamin William, Secretary General
5 March
3:00pm Humanitarian Photography Carlo Heathcote, Photojournalist
5.30pm Volunteerism, and how it has enriched my life Abdul Jamal bin Abdul Hameed, Volunteer

6 March


5.30pm My Red Cross Story - From Switzerland to Singapore Hsu Nan-Ting, Assistant Head, Corporate Communications and Marketing
VivoCity East Court

11 March


5.30pm Disaster preparedness versus Disaster Relief Charis Chan, Head, International Services
12 March
2:00pm Behind #sgredcross - New mum, new career, new life Candace Zhou, Assistant Head, Blood Donor Recruitment Programme
13 March
5.30pm Humanitarian Missions: Best laid plans - Team lead recounts five instances where plans go awry, and how he resolved them Elisha Teo,  Volunteer
Westgate Courtyard 18 March
5.30pm Lessons in Humanitarian Diplomacy, from the diplomat turned humanitarian Benjamin William, Secretary General

19 March
3.00pm 10 lesser known facts about blood donation Robert Teo, Head, Blood Donor Recruitment Programme
3.30pm Mobilising the power of humanity - Lessons from a bloodmobile organiser Robert Teo, Head, Blood Donor Recruitment Programme
5.30pm Behind every disaster mission - Preparing oneself for the unexpected Chew Lip Heng, Head, Operations Control, International Services
24 March
5.30pm Youth Engagement & Leadership in the Humanitarian Field Angeline Yong, Head, Membership and Volunteer Development

26 March
5.00pm Humanitarian Initiative - A volunteer’s perspective Jorel Chan, Humanitarian Photographer
5.30pm Friendship beyond the shores - how an overseas humanitarian programme changed my life Ashik Mohamed Daud Muhammad, Youth Officer, Red Cross Youth
27 March
3:00pm A caregivers' perspective on empowering the physically disabled Sudirman Bin Othman, Head, Nursing, Red Cross Home for the Disabled

The Star Vista

2 April
5.00pm Humanitarian Photography Jorel Chan, Humanitarian Photographer
5.30pm My beneficiary, my friend - FoodAid untold stories Muhamad Haikel Bin Mohamed, Executive, Community Services
6:00pm I received, now I give - Stories from blood recipients turned donors Robert Teo, Head, Blood Donor Recruitment Programme
3 April
4:00pm 101 on International Humanitarian Law Ambrose Lee, Senior Instructor, Singapore Red Cross Academy
5.30pm Living my Passion - Perspectives from a first aid trainer Ambrose Lee, Senior Instructor, Singapore Red Cross Academy