Dear Donors,

We would like to update you that the front of the HSA Building will be hoarded up as part the construction work to realign the Second Hospital Avenue and build the new National Cancer Centre.

As such, the main entrance to the HSA Building will be closed till the end of October 2016. Donors can still access Bloodbank@HSA through Basement 1, via the basement carpark, and take the lift up to Level 1.

Donors are advised to follow the directional signage along the sheltered walkway (along Second Hospital Avenue) to the blood bank. The donor drop-off point has been relocated to the back of the HSA building, as shown in the map below.

The Blood Donors’ carpark (Carpark A) will also be closed till mid-March 2017. During this period, donors can park at the temporary carpark off Second Hospital Avenue as shown below.

As construction and road works are currently ongoing around the Bloodbank@HSA, please look out for heavy vehicles for your own safety when you visit us.

The blood bank will be operating as usual and we look forward to your continued support. We regret the inconveniences that you may face during this period.

For the latest updates, check back this page or call 6213 0626 before coming for your next donation. See you soon!

8 July 2016 at 9.30am

Minister Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health & Grassroots Advisor to Choa Chu Kang GRO

Mdm Aslinah Bte Ahmad, Principal, APSN Delta Senior School

Ms Angelina Ong Yin Foong, Special Olympics Asia Pacific Board Member

Dr Mark Hon, Vice Chairman, Singapore Red Cross

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning. I am glad that we are here today for the launch Red Cross Youth Club at APSN Delta Senior School. This is a great development, as it marks the first Red Cross club for youth with and without intellectual disability. We are very honoured that Minister Gan has set aside time from his heavy schedule to grace today’s launch.

Singapore Red Cross Youth has a rich history that dates back to 1952. Over the past six decades, we have spared no effort to nurture youth as humanitarians, and to maximise their potential - honing their leadership skills and life skills. We try to imbue in our youth a sense of responsibility to the community. We have dedicated ourselves to developing compassionate individuals who are passionate about humanitarian work. We believe that in every youth, there is the potential to rise to become a community or humanitarian leader.

In Singapore, the Red Cross Youth is widely recognised as a uniformed group in primary and secondary schools, and a decade or so ago, as non-uniform CCA in the tertiary institutions. More recently we are now working in partnership with schools and grassroots organisations to extend the platform for youth to serve humanity in a Club-setting - without too much formality - to everyone and anyone.
Today’s launch of RCY Club @ Delta Senior School is significant for us, for three reasons.

Firstly, we are taking another significant step to embracing the spirit of cohesiveness and inclusivity. The Club will create many opportunities for students with and without intellectual disabilities to be developed together, as volunteers and volunteer leaders. Anyone, regardless of nationality, race, physical or mental ability can volunteer, as long as they have the heart to do so! We hope that the youth will seize the opportunities that come their way and enjoy being part of the world’s largest humanitarian network.

Secondly, and on a related point, we are paving the way for youths with and without intellectual disabilities to plan, organise and undertake unified outreach; recreational and sports activities; and community service activities. Very soon, we will see Delta Senior School students work alongside other Red Cross Youth members in Singapore and beyond. As these youth take ownership and organise humanitarian projects, they will put what they have learnt into practice. There will be a growing sense of camaraderie, teamwork and responsibility. At the same time, the youth will be honing their leadership, organisational and communication skills. These life lessons and skills will continue to stand them in good stead even as they move on in life.

Thirdly, we are seeking to imbue in the youth the spirit of resilience and preparedness. By adapting the basic first aid curriculum for youths with intellectual disabilities, we wish to empower such youth to be first responders in their school, home and community. This will help the youth themselves, their families, and the community be more resilient and prepared for emergencies and shocks.

The launch of Red Cross Youth Club @ Delta Senior School is the fruit of a lot of hard work and collaboration amongst the Singapore Red Cross, Association of Persons with Special Needs (APSN) Delta Senior School and Special Olympics Asia Pacific. It taps on the synergies that exist amongst our three organisations. I want to thank APSN Delta Senior School leadership for your trust and partnership, and Special Olympics Asia Pacific for your expertise and for funding to execute the unified activities. Together, our colleagues have worked hard behind the scenes to conceptualise initiatives that bring together people with and without intellectual disabilities for shared experiences. Today, we celebrate all contributions made by the dedicated people involved in making this happen.

This is only the beginning of a new adventure for the students who have enrolled to be Red Cross Youth. I encourage all members of the newly-minted Red Cross Youth Club to let your creative juices flow, and be that catalyst for ground-up initiatives which would lead to building a more inclusive, caring and resilient Singapore. Remember, humanity is in your hands. You can make a positive difference by serving humanity and saving lives.

Thank you.

Speech by Mr Benjamin William, Singapore Red Cross Secretary General