Singapore Red Cross Launches Caregivers First Aid Courses For The Vulnerable On World First Aid Day
  • For caregivers of elderly, diabetic and stroke patients
  • 6-hour courses available monthly at just *$10/trainee

Singapore, 14 September 2013 – The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) today on World First Aid Day launched a nationwide caregivers’ first aid training programme for vulnerable persons – elderly, stroke and diabetic patients. To make first aid accessible to everyone, monthly courses will be available to the public at a subsidised rate of only *$10.

Guest-of-Honour Associate Professor Fatimah Abdul Lateef, Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC and Deputy Chairman for the Government Parliamentary Committee for Health officiated the launch and joined the first Eldercare First Aid course for caregivers, with whom she shared, “First Aid is an area close to my heart being an emergency and trauma specialist and knowing how initial and early care, can make a difference to someone’s life. I am glad to note that the Singapore Red Cross has constantly innovated its first aid courses to meet specific societal needs, staying in the forefront of national efforts to have a first aider in every home.

“The launch of the targeted first aid programmes for the vulnerable groups of persons will definitely benefit families of those with a background history of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, Ischaemic heart disease and stroke. They can make a difference if they know what to do in an emergency. I hope everyone will take some time and learn these life-saving skills”.

SRC Secretary General Benjamin William shared, “Our latest offering of first aid training stems from our goal to empower caregivers and build community resilience. This goal takes on added significance and relevance in the face an aging population. It is not good enough that we know to call 995. We should know what to do immediately if our loved one sustains a fall or cut, or loses consciousness. Every caregiver should avail themselves of this training. Let’s do our part for our parents, our grandparents.”

Participants spent six hours learning basic first aid techniques such as CPR, Heimlich manoeuvre and bandaging, as well as preventive first aid which imparts elderly-specific health, fitness and safety tips on how to prevent strokes and falls.

In reinforcing the importance of timely intervention, SRC Academy Senior Trainer Stephen De Souza said, “The importance of first aid is accentuated during an event of a heart attack, where one’s brain undergoes permanent damage within four to six minutes due to a lack of oxygen. Applying timely first aid skills during such emergency provides a rapid intervention that helps reduce serious injuries, minimises permanent damage to vital organs, improves chances of recovery and increases the survival rate.”

A/P Fatimah Lateef added, “It is known that after a cardiac arrest, with every minute of delay in getting care and CPR, the chance of survival drops between 10-12%. Thus, if bystanders and family members know what to do, they can make a positive impact”.

The public can now sign up for the courses at

*Upon successful application of the Caregivers Training Grant. Caregivers can apply for the subsidy under the Caregivers Training Grant administered by Agency for Integrated Care. The grant is capped at $200 per care recipient under your care each financial year.

For more details on the grant, visit Participants also need to provide a photocopy of the identification of the senior person in their care.

Speech By Assoc Professor Fatimah Lateef

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