Red Cross Memories: Krishnan S.P.T

The year was 2002. As part of our company's CSR activity, we used to organise an annual blood donation drive every year. I was part of the organising committee. During our previous drives, we had observed that the number of people turning up for our blood donation drive was inversely proportional to the waiting time. Put in simple words, staff don't want to wait for long during working hours to donate and simply walk away.

I saw this problem. I wrote a online software that helped the staff to book a time slot and they can walk in at that time. We saw a significant increase in the number of donations that year. From that year onwards we have been using such a system during every drive. Although, from today's perspective such a system is simple you should know that the era was still in its infancy in 2002 and Google was still a crawling baby and Facebook didn't have faces on it.

As per the protocol of getting our workflow vetted by Blood Donor Recruitment Programme, we shared the details of the system with BDRP. BDRP Director Ms. Cecilia Tan liked the system very much but more importantly the approach of solving a real life problem. She reckoned that the same problem could be a limiting factor in many other corporate blood donation drives as well.

I was introduced to the donorweb project, which is about making use of latest web and cloud technologies to make available the blood donation drive information easily accessible and be reliable as well. Following this, Cecilia invited me to grow the project that had just started and as its caption I have been steering the project ever since.

The year 2002 was also special for me. In addition to touching the life of an anonymous blood recipients virtually (ie., through the booking system and followed by donorweb) I also started my journey as a whole blood donor. I am still an active and HOPE blood donor and have donated whole blood 34 times so far.

In my view, being a regular & HOPE blood donor along with getting more blood donors through are the most rewarding experiences that I had with the Red Cross Movement.

I have a saying "Voluntary and non-remunerated blood donation is the noblest form of all donations". I encourage more Singaporeans to come forward to part a small portion of their bodies, that fully replenishes within 72 hours, which has the capability of saving 3 people on the same day.

Memorable incident(s):

I believe it is the inner happiness that I get from the thought that I have saved over a 100 lives so far and that God has blessed me to remain healthy to continue to save more lives. It is difficult to express this feeling in worlds as this can only be felt by blood donors and unique to life savers.

Why am I proud & continue to be associated with SRC:

I like the principle of Red Cross Movement to save human lives irrespective of Nationality, Religion, Caste, Creed and other lines. Singapore Red Cross in particular is very active both within Singapore and in SEA. I believe this single virtue is what keeps me connected with Singapore Red Cross for the past 13 years and many more years to come.