Red Cross Memories: Farhan Ismail

My journey with the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) first started in Secondary School, when I joined my school's Red Cross Youth (RCY) unit. During those days, I was actively involved in planning for my unit, planning activities at the school and community level. In December 2004, the Indian Ocean Tsunami struck, leaving hundreds of thousands dead and many more survivors with no basic necessities. I asked if I could go overseas to help, but I was too young then. Our unit then went on to actively collect funds for the tsunami victims to be channelled via SRC.

After secondary school, I joined the Volunteer Instructors' Core, as I felt that it was time to pass on the knowledge to my juniors. Through the years, I've helped run in many RCY and SRC events, spending many weekends behind the scenes, all while juggling my demanding JC and University life.

It was not until 2013 that I was given a chance to take part in an Overseas Humanitarian Project (OHP) in Chengdu, China. There, we helped looked after the residents of a Nursing Home which was built post-Sichuan Earthquake (2008). This year, I took up the position of the RCY OHP Coordinator, overseeing OHPs that involves VIs, Cadets and Links. I also lead a team to the Philippines this June, where we assisted in conducting a medical check-up, taught first aid and helped rebuilt a restroom.

It seems only yesterday that I joined the Red Cross, and my wish back in 2006 had come true (somewhat). Looking forward, I hope to get our youths to be involved in not only local community works, but also those of overseas ones. And I believe that SRC is in a good stead to achieve this.