Red Cross Memories: Lim Neo Chian

I have fond memories of the days I spent as a Red Cross Youth cadet at Raffles Institution, back in 1966-1969, during my secondary school days. Each week, we learnt and practised first aid and polished our foot drills. We took special care to look good in the white uniform and in our polished boots. To me, joining the Red Cross as a Red Cross Youth cadet gave me a chance to learn new skills, meet new friends and contribute to society.

There were a few highlights during my time as a Red Cross Youth cadet. I was delighted when I was selected to attend the one week residential Red Cross Youth Leadership Course in Tanah Merah. Winning the inter-school drill competition was another highlight of my time with the Red Cross as we trained hard for it and we were happy to win. Performing first aid duties at parades were also something we were happy to do as it was a visible way to put the first aid skills learnt to good use.

I served as the Council member from 2003 and stepped down as the Vice Chairman of the Singapore Red Cross in 2013. During this period, I was glad that I was able to contribute to the Singapore Red Cross at the Council level. Other than chairing the 60th anniversary celebrations committee in 2009, I headed the committee that assisted in the review of the Singapore Red Cross Constitution in 2012.