Red Cross Memories: Madam Lee Kim Lian

My son was just like any other regular person. He grew up, graduated and started working, contributing to our family like most young adults. Unfortunately, in 2009, tragedy struck. He started feeling weak and lethargic constantly, but doctors were unable to find out what was wrong. His condition deteriorated to the point that he had to stop working in 2010, but it wasn’t until 2011 that he was finally diagnosed with Wilson’s Disease, a disorder that prevents the body from getting rid of excess copper.

By this point, my son had lost the ability to walk, talk or care for himself, and was confined to a wheelchair. I initially ferried him to and from medical appointments via taxi, but found it troublesome and even discouraging as the taxi drivers were generally unhelpful.

Thankfully, a social worker then referred us to the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) TransportAid in March 2012. I now pay $25 per round trip with SRC TransportAid compared to around $18 each way by taxi previously. While this does not constitute huge savings in monetary terms, I am heartened by the interaction we now have with the ambulance responders, who praise my son for every improvement in my condition – it provides great encouragement for both my son and myself.

Having received this level of service from SRC, we will never go to any other service provider.