Red Cross Memories: Ho Fook Onn & Ho Chin Weng

My older brother, Mr Ho Fook Onn, 53, worked at different jobs that brought him around the world.

Unfortunately, the last one ended his career and changed his life forever. My brother was working in the boiler room of a ship that exploded and hit him hard on one side of his head. The accident caused severe damage to his brain and he underwent two operations. My brother was no longer able to speak, eat, move, respond to stimulations, let alone care for himself or go to work. I have been taking care of my brother, bathing him, changing his diaper, feeding nutritious drink into his stomach with a tube.

Fortunately for patients like like my brother, the Singapore Red Cross TransportAid service provides transport to the disabled and the elderly to get to and from their regular medical treatments, rehabilitation and day care centres, at subsidised rate. My brother is familiar with the SRC TransportAid staff, so I don’t accompany him to his regular medical visits any more.

The staff is so friendly and helpful! When the elevator broke down, they even came up to our door to help carry my brother down by the stairs. They are also very warm and reliable. They will talk to my brother, encourage him to improve. It’s really a relief for me to see him in such good hands.