Red Cross Memories: Sabana

In 2013, Sabana Real Estate Investment Management Pte. Ltd. contributed a total of S$12,000 to the Singapore Red Cross Meals with Love project to help needy Singaporean families. The project allocates a budget of S$3,000 over a 12-month period for a family of four. In addition to our monetary contribution, we also formed four dedicated teams with more than 20 of our employees to buy and deliver groceries and food vouchers to the four families assigned to us on a monthly basis.

It has been close to a year since we got to know some of these families. We are really glad to be involved in this charity movement which allows us to forge a relationship with these families. Seeing how we can actually make a difference in their lives makes the time we invested worthwhile. What’s more, being involved in this activity has also brought our employees closer to one another. Thank you, Singapore Red Cross for this opportunity to bless others!