Doing Good together - Ong Sin Wee & Chan Wen Xin

Ong Sin Wee, a regular in SAF and Chan Wen Xin, a final year undergraduate in Nursing at NUS, share how they first met and their volunteering efforts with the Singapore Red Cross. Both Sin Wee and Wen Xin are involved in Disaster Management curriculum in RCY.

How did you meet each other?

Sin Wee: We first met at a Red Cross Youth (RCY) Challenge where we were in the same committee. She was one of the mentors who was caring for her mentees and it is one of the character traits she possesses till today.

Wen Xin: I first met Sin Wee at the Red Cross Youth Challenge, where he was a Volunteer Instructor while I was a cadet in Secondary 3. I felt that he was a senior who did not like to talk and was unfriendly. I had also seen him at our inter-unit hiking activity. My perspective of him changed when we worked closely together in the same committee. From someone who was unfriendly, he slowly became someone caring. We got together after a district chalet ended where he confessed his feelings to me under my block.

How long have you been together?

Sin Wee: 2.5 years

Describe your partner in three words.

Sin Wee: Caring, Giving, and mine

Wen Xin: Selfless, caring, loving

What was the most memorable when you were dating?

Sin Wee: I was all shy while dating. I remember the first time when we held hands as she suddenly held my hands. That was how we started as a couple.

Wen Xin: Every moment we spend together is memorable. There was once when I went on a class trip to Thailand. When we came back, he was waiting at the gates holding a signboard with my name. While it was quite embarrassing for me, it was also funny because my whole class saw it.

How are you both involved in the Singapore Red Cross?

Sin Wee: I am involved mainly in shaping the Disaster Management curriculum in RCY but I also volunteer with a lot of other departments.

Wen Xin: I am involved in the Disaster Management and First Aid curriculum in RCY, transport aid committee, first aid duties, emergency preparedness exercises and RCY events.

Were there instances where you volunteer together at a SRC / RCY event? Can you share more how you volunteered for the same event? How did you feel about volunteering together?

Sin Wee: I think the most memorable were the many first aid duties we went for together. We kept things professional and focused on our duties. Once, we were both on first aid duty at an annual NPCC parade. She was handling a casualty while I was assisting her. Though she did not tell me what was needed, I automatically gave her the stuff she required for the casualty. In that sense, we could read each other’s minds without speaking.

Wen Xin: We both play Evacuation ICs in a simulated mass casualty situation at a Disaster Management exercise two years ago. We worked closely with each other in that tense situation to get things right. Though it was not a real disaster, it was heartening to see the teamwork involved in helping others in times of crisis, in a specialisation we are both passionate about.

What would you like to do this Valentine’s Day?

Sin Wee: Perhaps ice skating

Wen Xin: Maybe have a picnic out with him?