Doing good together - Daryl Ee & Cheryl Ng

In this Valentine’s Day Special, Red Cross News speak to couples who have found each other through the Singapore Red Cross.

Daryl Ee, an airforce regular and Cheryl Ng, an NUS undergraduate share their most memorable experience together as a couple, and their role in advancing the causes of Red Cross Youth. Daryl hold the rank of Volunteer Officer & is appointed as the Head of Central District in RCY and also a RCY Auxiliary Staff were he manages and liaises with the District Coordination team members & International Friendship Matters of Red Cross Youth. Cheryl volunteers in RCY as an Assistant Volunteer Officer in the Southwest district and helps out as a volunteer emcee for various Red Cross events.

How did you meet each other?

Daryl: We first met each other at Red Cross Youth (RCY) Challenge 2009. Though we were in the same “Bravo division”, we didn't really speak to each other. I was an introvert back then, preferring to stay in my comfort zone and lacked the courage to initiate conversations with new people. We met again in the Volunteer Instructors’ Programme (VIP) in 2013. As the programme required us to communicate and interact with almost everyone in the batch, it provided us with an opportunity to get to know each other better!

How long have you been together?

Daryl and Cheryl: 4 years! We just celebrated our 4th anniversary in December!

Describe your partner in three words.

Daryl: Appreciative, Fun-loving, cheerful but gullible.

Cheryl: Caring and genuine but also indecisive.

What was the most memorable when you were dating?

Daryl:  One of my most memorable moments was one of our dates to Universal Studios Singapore. Personally, I did not like thrilling rides because I get scared easily, especially while queueing for the ride itself. However, Cheryl likes taking roller coasters. When she dragged me to take the Cylon roller coaster for the first time at USS, I was thinking of leaving her in the queue and waiting for her at the exit point. But with all relationships, you go through challenges and face fears together. I was glad I eventually took the ride with her, because I enjoyed it myself as well! That was actually the start of the many times we went on both the Human and Cylon roller coasters at USS. 

Cheryl: There were quite a number of memorable moments. I guess one of the most memorable ones was at one of the RCY events that we both volunteered for in our first year together. The event preparation started relatively early. As he knew that I wouldn’t have taken my breakfast, he woke up earlier to prepare a relatively sumptuous breakfast consisting of toast, scrambled eggs and hotdogs and brought it to the event for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to eat it that morning as he arrived slightly late as a result of issues he faced while cooking. I ate it for supper, and thank goodness I didn’t get a stomach ache the next day! It was the thought that counts and I really appreciated his thoughtfulness!

What would you like to do this Valentine’s Day?

Daryl: Sadly, I will be working and she will have lessons that day! Perhaps, we will meet up for dinner and enjoy a nice walk after our meal! I will also consider planning a staycation over the weekends to relax and enjoy each other’s company amidst our busy schedules!

Cheryl: Yes! We’d probably just have a nice meal together, I need to be well fed! It would also be nice if we could head over to the Marina Bay Carnival for some fun together!

Share your shared volunteering experiences. How did you feel about volunteering together?

Daryl: I think since the start of our Red Cross volunteer instructor journey, we volunteered together for quite a few events. The first ever event that we volunteer was a first aid duty together that we both look through the list of first aid duties available and choose the one that both of us can attend together. In RCY event we have even more volunteering time together as this is where we first started out. I guess most of the events that one of us sign up another one will be in too. As we volunteer together we are not only spending time with each other but also doing something we have love to do in common and that is to help people and our cadets which I believe that why we choose to volunteer at Red Cross till now! I feel that volunteering together is a good experience as we have each other company in events as well as we can help each other easier if needed but one bad thing is due to the stress of the event we might have some argument in different views we have. This also a good thing as we can improve on it and reflect on it. 

Cheryl: We volunteered together for quite a number of Red Cross events and those included events even before we actually got together as a couple! We used to have a group of friends who would sign up for first aid duties together! I was approached to join the subcommittee for Project R.I.C.E in 2014 and roped in Daryl to join me as well! As we just started out as a couple then, I actually wanted to spend more time with him. Volunteering together provided a platform for that! It was a really nice experience volunteering for the same cause and striving towards a mutual goal. However, there were times where we had our disagreements on decisions made. It brought about minor tiffs between us but it allowed us to understand each other better as well.