Giving blood is a positive cycle

By Sarah Cai, Volunteer
Photo by Billy Wong, Volunteer

“Feels good”. That sums up Marini Martin Vincent’s thought on donating blood. It began one September before his Junior College 2 exams. He was hoping to be more active in social causes as part of the mission school’s focus on giving back to society. He organised a mobile bloodbank bus to come by the junior college. Two weeks later, the importance of this became more than apparent with the Spyros disaster.

Marini, 57, was also inspired by his late father who used to donate blood. He acknowledged that he was a less active blood donor back in his NS days. Thereafter, he was committed to donating whole blood four times annually. Subsequently, he switched to apheresis donations which enabled him to donate more frequently.

He gains satisfaction when the general health checks (before giving blood) attest that he is in good health. “Giving blood actually helps you lose weight,” he quipped. He described giving blood as a positive cycle; he wants to be in good health to be able to give blood. This in turn keeps him in good health.

He hopes that more people can jump on the bandwagon to donate blood. Though people may be busy, he believes that friends and social media can be encouraging factors. For a start, he is hoping to spread the blood donation legacy to his grandson by giving him the bear he received from Thalassemia Society. We hope the tradition of giving blood will continue in the family.