"Meals with love, help to provide food for my young children"

Mr Toh, 45, a satay seller, was diagnosed with a heart condition in April 2014.

He is cared for by his wife, Mdm Li ChunFeng, 44, who also tends to their children aged 5 and 7.

It was on a typical day at work when a friend realised that Mr Toh’s legs were very swollen and that he had lost a lot of weight. He went to the hospital for a checkup as advised by his friend.

While he was at the hospital, he collapsed suddenly due to a cardiac arrest.

Doctors immediately performed resuscitation to revive him. He was then sent to the intensive care unit and was hospitalised for two weeks.

Diagnosed with a heart disease, Mr Toh was unfit to work for one and a half year. As a result, there was no source of income to foot the family’s expenses. It was amid this difficult period when Mdm Li turned to the family service centre (FSC) nearby. Through the FSC, she got to know about the Singapore Red Cross’ (SRC) FoodAid programme.

“I’m very thankful to Singapore Red Cross for FoodAid assistance, otherwise, I will not be able to provide food for my young children,” said Mdm Li who remained optimistic about the future despite the challenges.

Hoping to contribute to his family as soon as he was able to do so, Mr Toh has started to help out at a friend’s clothing shop. Even though this role is much more relaxed, he still hopes to return to his old profession of some two decades.

Mr Toh is currently taking a daily dose of multiple medications to keep his condition stable He is also waiting for his doctor’s advice on whether a heart operation is necessary.