My Dad, My Best friend

In this Father’s Day Special, Red Cross News speaks to Felicia, 19, whose dad, Tony Kee, 51, is a First Aider on Wheels volunteer with Singapore Red Cross.

Tell us about your Dad.
My dad is Tony Kee he is 51 years old this year. He is a serious man but he can be a goofball at times! If you are wondering who you can depend on, my dad is the man. Not that I am bias, but my dad is the best dad in the world, besides being a dad, he is my best friend! Throughout my life he has supported and guided me through everything.

Tell us what you know about your Dad’s involvement with Singapore Red Cross. (ie. involvement with different units in SRC such IS, FAOW, SRCA etc)
My dad is involved in FAOW, Chingay parades and national day parades. He is an active Red Cross member.

How do you feel about your dad’s involvement with Singapore Red Cross?
I am very proud of my dad for being involved with Singapore Red Cross, as he has the passion for helping and taking care of people.

Your Dad always makes you laugh when…
He never fails to make me laugh with most of the silly songs he sings and especially when we take photos together, the faces he pulls is just amazing it will make even the people with the coldest heart laugh! If you are familiar with dad jokes, he is the best at that!

Your favourite to do with your Dad is…
I love going out with my dad on adventures! When we travel together, we will never get lost as he is a well rounded man who always knows where the best spots are!

Your Dad is very good at...
My dad is very good at being a dad, he is always there for me and never fails to make my bad day a good one. He is the most supportive person and goes out of his way to make my family and I happy.

How are you celebrating Father’s Day?
Sadly I am away for Father’s day, but I will be Facetiming him on Father’s day. But when I am visiting my family in Singapore, I will be making it up to him by taking him to his favorite place to eat!