“Do not let emotions control you. Be strong-willed. Have faith”

Mr Muhammad Noor was born healthy and active. Six months later, however, a high fever changed everything.

The sequel of high fever had affected his nervous system. His legs were no longer functional and both his hands were also affected.

Things got worse when more conditions struck Mr Muhammad Noor without mercy; today he has diabetes, liver dysfunction, kidney stones and gall stones. In spite of this, Mr Muhammad Noor maintains a positive attitude.

“Do not let emotions control you. Be strong-willed. Have faith,” he said.

He truly appreciates the volunteers who visit him as part of the Singapore Red Cross’ (SRC) Community Led Action for REsilience (CLARE) programme.

For Mr Muhammad Noor, SRC’s CLARE programme opens the gateway for him to access the TransportAid service.

“It is difficult for me to go out for my medical appointments. Taxis are exorbitant. I often have to depend on my friends and my brother-in-law to bring me around,” he said. “I do not want to leech on others, they have their own life
to lead.”

“The volunteers are really helpful. I enjoy interacting and chatting with them. They bring friendship and joy into my life,” said Mr Muhammad Noor.

He hopes that one day, he can take on freelance jobs at home to give back to the society.