Red Cross Memories: Ambrose Lee

‘Serving with Passion, Leading with Pride’ has been a source of motivation for me as I lead others towards the goals of the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) while fostering closer friendships. Currently, I am taking my Master of Arts (Instructional Design & Technology) at NTU-NIE, has been an enriching process while time management is key to success to balance work, school and life.

It has been almost 11 years that I have been with the SRC, serving in divisions like Red Cross Youth (RCY) and RCY Chapters. Together with friends from various backgrounds who share a common interest in serving SRC, we have managed to accomplish much, though we had our fair share of ups and downs, tears, joy and laughter.

My journey with SRC started after I completed my Assistant Cadet Officer Course in December 2003. I was then recognised as an active member of SRC. As one of the uniformed personnel of RCY, I have been constantly reminding myself to lead by example.

When I entered Ngee Ann Polytechnic, I belonged to the pioneer batch that first set up the RCY – Ngee Ann Polytechnic Chapter, formerly known as the Red Cross Humanitarian Network – NP Chapter. It was a milestone for me as we were gradually establishing our name in Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Through the blood donation drives, recruitment exercises, community services and overseas humanitarian efforts, I was able to bring the community closer and generate greater awareness in the public of SRC’s role in our community. It is my pride to have led others to work towards the common goal of serving the community as I believe that a leader is one who influences others in a positive way.

It has been motivational for me to gain the experience and exposure of sharing my knowledge, skills and experience in areas such as first aid, casualty evacuation and outdoor activities with others as a trainer for various RCY training programmes. It has also been fulfilling to be deployed to several secondary schools to assist in the training curriculum and to serve as a bridge for the teachers with SRC. That said, it is most satisfying to transform mere dreams into reality – by moulding ‘a nobody’ to ‘somebody’ as I lead cadets to better manage their unit. Now, I feel honoured to be part of the Disaster Management Response Team as I am now better equipped with the skills and knowledge of Disaster Management.

Besides serving with passion, I also enjoy sharing the joy, smiles and laughter with fellow volunteers. I appreciate the hard work and effort put in by every volunteer at each event. The role played by each volunteer in SRC is very important. Every contribution counts. It does not matter how big or how small your contributions are, as long as you are sincere about what you can do. Do it well and do it cheerfully.

I always share with my RCY juniors, “Aspire to inspire, before you expire.” I hope more young volunteers will continue to share their ideas to achieve SRC’s goals and publicise the role of SRC in our community.