I received blood, and now I give

Christina Lam, 57 received a blood transfusion 10 years ago. 10 years later, she makes her first blood donation. What was it like? We talk to her to find out more:

Congratulations on your successful blood donation! How was it like giving blood for the first time and what made you decide to do it? 
Christina: I had mixed feelings before I donated blood - proud, excited, yet worried that I will faint because I used to be anaemic! I was helping out at the blood donation drive organised by Singapore Union of Broadcasting Employees (SUBE) and Mediacorp on 15 Jan 2016. The doctor and staff of HSA and Singapore Red Cross, encouraged me. So I did the blood test and was surprised I met the criteria!

You were also a recipient of blood 10 years ago. What were your feelings when you received that packet of blood? 
Christina: I felt grateful and curious about the identity of my donor.

Were there any interesting things that occurred during your blood donation?
Christina: My SUBE colleagues were so excited for me and took several pictures!

Complete this sentence about blood donation:
I have always thought my small contribution made a big difference to someone life.

Fill in the blank:
I have love in my blood. Share life, give blood

What is one thing every potential blood donor should know? 
Christina: Give Blood, Save Lives

Is there anyone special you would like to donate blood with or to challenge? 
Yes, to challenge Erat Vinodan, SUBE President to donate blood again!

Story by Lim Cheng Hong.
Photo by Christina Lam.

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