Romance on Wheels

In this Valentine’s Day Special, we speak to couples who have found each other through the Singapore Red Cross.

Michael Lim, 30, Membership Executive of the Singapore Red Cross and Debbie Liew, 28, Curriculum Developer got to know each other by volunteering at the Red Cross! Their baby, Jasper Lim was born in December 2015.

How did you meet each other? Describe in 3 sentences.
We met each other through volunteering with Singapore Red Cross’ National Disaster Response Training and First Aider on Wheels (FAOW).

Debbie has an extremely tiny handwriting which Michael noticed and started to guess her NRIC number unknowingly.

Our friendship strengthened as we volunteered regularly (usually doing full shifts) at FAOW. The relationship eventually blossomed through self-initiated bonding sessions organised by various FAOW volunteers.

How long have you been together?
518 days or 1 year and 5 months (as at 14 Feb 2016)

Three words to describe your spouse.
M: Knowledgeable, forgiving, stubborn
D: Unromantic but sweet

What’s your favourite thing about being married?
M: Having a personal assistant to manage my finances
D: Waking up to see him sleeping soundly next to me

Roses - cheesy or sweet?
M: Cheesy
D: Sweet

Matching tattoos - yay or nay?
M: Yay
D: Nay

Who would be your ideal Valentine’s Day date (aside from your spouse)? Why?
M: Peter Parker (Spiderman), to see who is more responsible to their community
D: Donald Duck, To see who pouts better

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?
We will be spending our Valentine’s Day clearing our room and re-organising our prince Jasper’s clothes so that we can set a better routine for him through the type of clothes he will be wearing at any time of day.
There’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day (a time when people show feelings of love, affection and friendship) than to carry out acts of love for our fruit of love, by keeping our place tidy, safe and cozy.