Red Cross Youth Sweethearts

In this Valentine’s Day Special, we speak to couples who have found each other through the Singapore Red Cross.

Leonard Lim, 26, Learning and Development Manager and Chanel Lam, 25, Senior Staff Nurse share their love story.

How did you meet each other? Describe in three sentences.
C: We got to know each other by being in the same CCA - Red Cross Youth in Fairfield Methodist School (Secondary). Leonard was then the outgoing unit leader and I was to step up as his successor. It was during this handing-over process that we started interacting and learning much more about each other.

How long have you been together?
We dated for nine years, before finally tying the knot in 2015. We had just celebrated our first wedding anniversary on 10 January.

Three words to describe your spouse.
L: Beautiful, compassionate, supportive
C: committed, charming, my best friend!

What’s your favourite thing about being married?
L: Having someone to share my best and worst moments with, everyday.
C: Going home to him everyday

Roses - cheesy or sweet?
L: Sweet.
C: Always sweet!

Who would be your ideal Valentine’s Day date (aside from your spouse)? Why?
L: Mother Teresa. She’s always been one of my role models. I’d like to learn of what drives her to do what she did for her community.
C: No one in mind, have dated Leonard all my life, and still am dating (:

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day?
Probably trying to whip up a new recipe at home and inviting some close friends over for dinner.

Story by Candace Zhou
Photo by Leonard Lim