Red Cross Memories: Betty Chan

I set up the RCY unit in De La Salle School, a boys’ school in the 1970s and in Holy Innocents Primary School in 1997. We instilled in the RCY members the importance of helping others. Quite a few of them became doctors or nurses, inspired by the love of helping others! That had been very rewarding for me as a teacher.

Besides inculcating compassion and love in the youths, RCY also instills other values through its activities. I explain to others that RCY members learn to respect people’s opinions, races, culture, language and religion. They also learn about integrity, self-discipline, tactfulness, graciousness, teamwork and camaraderie which are useful skills that will bring them through life.

Over many years, I’ve led and mentored RCY Link Unit officers. I sat on various committees like the RCY Steering Committee and Flag Day Organising Committee. I share my best practices and experiences with my seniors, peers and juniors. I also believe in soliciting support from both parents and children for Flag Day, thereby promoting bonding and opportunities for character development. I believe in the axiom, “When parents inspire, their children aspire.”

I try to encourage more people to join Red Cross. The community needs us. We should help whenever and wherever we can. It is always nice to see the smiles on the beneficiaries’ faces. The smile really melts your heart. The little help we give is always appreciated, though we may not know it.

What kept me going all these years is the conviction that I can inspire RCY members to believe in themselves and do their best to care for others. Through the care I give, I am glad to have made a difference by touching their lives through my 44 years as an officer.