Celebrating RCY NUS Chapter’s 20th anniversary

Red Cross Youth - NUS Chapter (RCY - NUS Chapter) celebrated its 20th anniversary at Red Cross House on 5 September 2015, with a night of nostalgia and fun as alumni members including those from the pioneer committee, reunited for the milestone.

Over the past twenty years, the RCY - NUS Chapter has expanded. Now, it organises nine unique projects that cater to various beneficiaries, ranging from the elderly to the disabled and the poor.

The celebratory event was graced by the Guest-of-Honour, Mr Benjamin William, Secretary General/CEO of the Singapore Red Cross. In his speech, Mr William lauded the Chapter for its achievements and underscored his expectations for the future.

Adding to the fun were brain teasers that served to rekindle special bonds amongst the members of past committees. Each committee had to work together to find the right answers in the shortest possible time and announce them to the emcees of the evening, who evoked laughter with their occasional puns and self-deprecating humour.

Nothing would have made the 20th anniversary more meaningful than the heartwarming speeches by  three prominent past presidents of the RCY - NUS Chapter, who detailed their past experiences helming the club. Mr Yong Chiang Soon, Mr Kang Hao, and Mr Zhuang Yu Hang, respectively the presidents for the 3rd, 5th, and 12th committees, each shared some of their most memorable moments as part of the chapter. Chiang Soon even shared a vast collection of old photographs of his committee.

Reminiscing about the good old times, everyone walked down memory lane in wistful nostalgia as they recollected their own special moments as a part of the RCY - NUS Chapter.

As the celebratory tributes came to an end, a massive chocolate cake adorned magnificently with brown dollops of cream was brought forward, eliciting a gasp of awe from the audience. The cake perfectly symbolised the 20 year milestone the RCY - NUS Chapter had reached.

With the help of the staff advisors, Dr Patrick Tan Tong Nam and Mr Anthony Li Lianjie, who have been with the chapter through-and-through, nurturing and helping it to grow to what it is today, the cake was cut as all the alumni members in the audience belted out ‘Happy Birthday’.

With that, our anniversary celebration concluded. As everyone parted ways, we made a promise to be back for the chapter’s 30th and even 40th anniversary celebrations, confident in the shared belief that the chapter will rally together and forge towards a great future, with the lifesaving mission of serving the local and international vulnerable, whilst staying true to the fundamental principles that the Red Cross Movement embodies.

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