Red Cross Memories: Julienne Reblora

I’m a youth blood donor and advocate, working at Raffles Medical while taking part in Red Cross Activities. I was heavily involved in organizing Youth Favourites 2014 - Blood Ties, a themed blood donation drive, geared towards recruiting mainly youth donors aged 16-25.

I started out as a Red Cross cadet in secondary school. When I was in Junior College, my school ran a blood donation drive - it was my first time to donate and I became more interested in the blood programme under the Red Cross. I found out that SRC was running a camp in December of 2012 which I joined and became a Blood Ambassador and an official member of the Youth Donor Club. Since then, I’ve been volunteering both for RCY and YDC. Currently my fellow YDC members and I are planning Youth Favourites, a themed blood donation drive. My motivation behind being a blood donation advocate is knowing that someone out there is in need of blood and by donating I am able to save someone's life - whenever I go for my blood donation, I always have this wonderful feeling that I am doing something good for someone I do not know.