Nuts for Humanity

Red Cross Youth is fundraising to support the local vulnerable with the sale of healthy snack packs.

They have partnered with BoxGreen to launch three new-to-market snack mixes - inspired by Red Cross causes!

For school-going kids and youth, to sharpen their mental prowess! 

SRC Brain Food Kraft Stickers


For elderly, to fortify their bones!        

SRC High in Calcium Kraft Stickers


For blood donors, to boost their iron levels!

SRC High in Iron Kraft Stickers

For the first time, three existing flavours - Acai Berry Granola, Bearylicious, Peri Peri Lime Soya crisps - will be sold in upsized packs!

For cereal lovers, these are great for a healthy munch!        

SRC Acai Berry Kraft Stickers

Have a sweet tooth? Here is a snack that is sweet yet healthy!        

SRC Bearylicious Kraft Stickers

Love soya bean? Here’s a soya bean snack to look forward to!

SRC Peri Peri Lime Kraft Stickers

While stocks last! Click here to place your order now! Email us for bulk purchase!

Find out more about the team here

Let’s go nuts for humanity!