Young lifesavers champion first aid and emergency preparedness
  • Red Cross Youth to conduct emergency preparedness training in their school and render first aid to park users as First Aiders on Wheels

Singapore, 4 March 2017 - ​Over 1,200 students from 52 schools and tertiary institutions across Singapore put their first aid skills to test in the National Youth First Aid Competition organised by the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) today.

Dr Mohamed Maliki bin Osman, Senior Minister of State for Defence and Foreign Affairs and Mayor of South East District officiated the event, which was held at Bedok Town Square.

Dr Maliki said, “First aid is an essential part of our SG Secure efforts to keep Singapore resilient and strong. The Red Cross Youth First Aid Competition contributes to our national goal to have a first - aider in every home, by educating and mobilising youth on the need to learn and advocate these life-saving skills in a fun and effective way.”

The competition saw youths applying their first aid skills in a scenario where an elderly person falls at home. The champion team received their prize from Dr Maliki.

Some of the students from the competition will be amongst 40 Red Cross Youth who will join SRC’s First Aiders on Wheels programme, where first aid trained volunteers patrol parks on bicycles on weekends and public holidays, to render first aid to those in need.

The Singapore Red Cross also presented 77 schools with emergency preparedness boxes. Each box contains two first aid bags and a standard operating procedure, which equips schools with step-by-step guides to deal with emergencies such as fires, and conduct mass evacuations. The Red Cross Youth will lead these emergency preparedness efforts in their schools by conducting training workshops for their teachers and fellow students.

Benjamin William, Secretary General/CEO of Singapore Red Cross, said “In the face of the ageing population, there is a need for more people to step up in the area of community service. This will help Singapore stay strong and resilient. To achieve this, all of us must embrace the mindset that ensuring Singapore’s resilience is our shared responsibility. We have to start instilling this mindset at a young age. Our youth can be a powerful catalyst to bring about greater community involvement through their own service at school and in the community.”

Speech by SLTC (NS) Laurence Goh, Council Member, Singapore Red Cross

Speech by Dr Mohamed Maliki Bin Osman, Senior Minister of State for Ministry of Defence and Foreign Affairs & Mayor for Southeast District