Leadership Transition For Singapore Red Cross Youth

In a leadership renewal, Mr Ling Khoon Chow handed over directorship of Singapore Red Cross Youth (RCY) to Mr Sahari Ani, concurrently the Director of Services at the Singapore Red Cross (SRC), at a symbolic Change-of-Command Parade today. This is the second time in Singapore’s history that a Change-of-Command Parade is held to symbolise the change of guards at RCY.

Over 100 guests including RCY members and representatives from the Ministry of Education (MOE), Ministry of Culture,Community and Youth (MCCY) and the National Youth Council attended the Ceremony, where many paid tribute to Mr Ling and his contributions to the RCY.

Amongst Mr Ling’s notable achievements was the integration of the former Red Cross Humanitarian Network, comprising volunteers in tertiary institutions, with the Red Cross Youth Uniformed Group. This move created an integrated Red Cross Youth and set it apart as the only co-curricular activity (CCA) that offered a complete volunteer pathway for progression into adulthood.

Mr Benjamin William, Secretary General of the SRC and Witnessing Officer of the Ceremony, affirmed, “Today, the RCY curriculum has greater focus on character, leadership development and management skills to stand the youths in good stead. We will work to bring the best out of our Links, Cadets and Chapter members – and to prepare them for leadership in their families, communities, great humanitarian challenges ahead.”

A seasoned disaster management and developmental work practitioner, Mr Sahari will leverage his globally diverse experiences to mainstream youth involvement in SRC community services. By this he aims to integrate youths in the planning and delivery of both local and overseas humanitarian projects. Another priority would be to revitalise the RCY curriculum in line with the Ministry of Education’s approach of developing 21st Century competencies among the youths, by placing more emphasis on experiential service learning in extending opportunities for youths to initiate social innovations.

Speaking to a crowd of aspiring youths, Mr Sahari urged, “I am certain that as Red Cross Youth, you can, and will, be a positive influence in your homes, schools and community. In due course, you will find yourselves in positions to make a difference in society. Embrace the challenge of an agent of positive change.”

On the topic of challenges facing the 62-year old humanitarian youth movement, Mr William shared his views of contemporary youths. He said, “They are not satisfied to be part of an institution that stands still and admires the achievements of the past. They want to move ahead. They want to make a difference in the community. They want to reach out to a global community. They wish to be innovators and be at the forefront of technical and social advances. And they have to be prepared for leadership, in the community in general, and in humanitarian work in particular.”

On an optimistic note, outgoing RCY Director Mr Ling enthused, “I am pleased that Mr Sahari will be taking over as Director. He is no stranger to the Red Cross, having served in various positions as a member of the staff of the SRC. I am sure that under his leadership and with all of your support, the Red Cross Youth will continue to grow to serve the people and youth of Singapore.”

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