Singapore Red Cross Rallies Youth And Schools To Organise 50 Bloodmobile Sessions This Year

50 Red Cross Youth ran in A Relay to Save Lives aimed at promoting blood donation

Singapore, 11 April 2015 – The Singapore Red Cross today organised a A Relay to Save Lives where 50 torchbearers ran a relay aimed at promoting blood donation amongst the youth. Their efforts hope to encourage all pre-tertiary and tertiary institutions in Singapore to organise 50 bloodmobile drives throughout 2015, targeting to collect 5,000 units of blood.

Red Cross Youth (RCY), the youth arm of the Singapore Red Cross and and Youth Donor Club (YDC), a youth programme under the Singapore Red Cross National Blood Donor Recruitment Programme collaborated on the event to raise awareness on the importance of voluntary blood donation amongst Singaporean youths, and to encourage them to take action and donate blood.

“Blood donation is the social responsibility of each and every one of us, so it is very heartening to see youths play their part in supporting this national cause. I commend all the youths who have channelled their passion and energy into organising and supporting this initiative. I’m confident that with their drive, we will be able to collect 5,000 units of blood from pre-tertiary and tertiary institutions this year,” said Mr Benjamin William, Secretary General of Singapore Red Cross.

The relay was kicked off this morning at Bloodbank@HSA by ASEAN Para games athlete, 25-year-old Suhaimi Bin Sudar. The Singapore Cerebral Palsy Football Team defender, who together with his team most recently clinched a Silver Medal at the 7th ASEAN Para Games in 2014, is an active member of YDC serving as a blood donor, donor recruiter and bloodmobile organiser.

“Regardless of who we are and what challenges we may face, I believe we all need to serve the community and give back. I got involved in YDC since 2008 because I cannot think of a more rewarding cause than saving lives. I hope more youths would step forward and make blood donation a part of their life,” said Suhami, a 14-time blood donor.

Amongst the runners, was a delegation of youth Singapore Red Cross staff. The relay saw the torchbearers visit Red Cross House and Bloodbank@DhobyGhaut before culminating at Bloodbank@Woodlands where educational activities and exhibition booths were set up.

“The need for blood is ever-growing and I’m very proud of my peers today for rallying together to promote blood donation. Every unit of blood donated could save up to three lives; so if you’re looking to truly make a difference, I urge you to adopt this meaningful cause,” said Miss Goh Min Hui, 25 years old, President of Youth Donor Club.

For more information, please contact the Singapore Red Cross:

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About Red Cross Youth

Established as the Junior Red Cross in 1952 when Singapore was still a British colony, the Red Cross Youth has come a long way to nurture humanitarian leaders of tomorrow. The RCY is now 5,000-strong, and despite competition from new co-curricular activities, the enrolment has been stable, with a slight increase last year. From a uniformed group in primary and secondary schools, it has merged with the former Red Cross Humanitarian Network in post-secondary institutions to offer student volunteers a seamless transition as they progress in their education. It continues to offer youth – the agents of change – a wholesome curriculum in character and leadership development, with the Red Cross ethos and service to humanity as a core focus.

About Singapore Red Cross

Singapore Red Cross is a homegrown humanitarian organisation, dedicated to relieving human suffering, protecting lives and dignity and responding to emergencies since 1949. We serve the vulnerable through our blood donor recruitment programme, home and day activity centre for the disabled, transport aid, food aid, and community first aid. We build capacity and resilience through our training academy, and volunteer and youth development. Beyond our shores, we mobilise and translate contributions from the donor community to relief and recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts, with the aim of helping communities affected by disasters. For more information, please see