Our New Building

With the joyful news of lease extension on our premises at Penang Lane, we will build a new Annex adjacent to Red Cross House, which is gazetted by the Urban Redevelopment Authority as a conserved building.

In partnership with the Singapore Institute of Architects, we held a competition for the redevelopment of Red Cross House. Celebrating Singapore Red Cross’ (SRC) rich historical legacy while injecting a fresh new look, ONG&ONG Pte Ltd’s submission beat 48 other entries to win the competition.

Spotting a classically iconic facade, Red Cross House will be transformed into a heritage centre, a thrift store and classrooms for the Singapore Red Cross Academy.

A new 8-storey office tower will be built, connecting Red Cross House and the new tower with an elevated event plaza, creating a physical transition via a detached office lift core that connects with the event space.

Photo: At the award ceremony held on 11 July 2016. From left, SRC Secretary General Benjamin WIlliam, Group COO Ashvinkumar Kantilal, Associate Director Robert Brodeth, together with Associates Tomas Jaramillo Valencia and Lee Cheow Yeh, accepted the Award on behalf of ONG&ONG Pte Ltd together.

“Beyond bridging the internal spaces of both the original and new SRC structures, the plaza not only provides the means and space for any number of SRC initiatives and engagements, but also allows the institute to easily and efficiently accommodate an increased number of people and volunteers,” explained the ONG&ONG design team.

Inspired by the altruism of volunteers and the people behind the Singapore Red Cross, ONG&ONG’s design embraces a comprehensively contemporary approach to health – with all amenities and facilities, even lighting and air quality, all designed with the end-users in mind.

Watch out this space for more updates on our new building! 

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