De Silva is one of 41,000+ seniors in Singapore who live alone. With little social support after his daughter passed away, he was not only lonely, but susceptible to falling. Now, he has company and support thanks to Community-Led Action for REsilience (C.L.A.R.E) volunteers.


Community-Led Action for REsilience (C.L.A.R.E.) mobilises and empowers volunteers to provide first response, first aid, eldercare and befriending services to vulnerable groups in their community.

C.L.A.R.E. volunteers are trained in areas such as standard first aid, first aid for the elderly, the use of the automated external defibrillator (AED) and befriending. They will also receive training to assist those with chronic diseases, especially the elderly.

The C.L.A.R.E. programme opens doors for those in need to access various assistance schemes available in the neighbourhood, as well as signature Red Cross services such as Community FirstAidFoodAid, ElderAid and TransportAid.

In 2015, C.L.A.R.E. focused on the North East District - Tampines. In 2016-2017, the service will be extended to the South East District- Bedok and Marine Parade to reach out to more beneficiaries.


The C.L.A.R.E. programme brings help to the disabled, elderly and children who are wheelchair-bound and have chronic diseases or other medical conditions for which they are required to go for regular treatments, therapy or check-ups.

Most of the beneficiaries are referred by social workers from public hospitals and welfare organisations.

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